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【藝術講座】Visionary Organizing on Social Media: The Limits and Possibilities of Touch, Tenderness, and Timelessness

May 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT


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Event Description

Grace Lee Boggs spoke of the need for “visionary organizing” in times of crisis. Through the limits of the COVID-19 pandemic and continual global crisis, much social organizing has occurred exclusively within the online space. Angelic Goldsky and Gina Goico, two media artists, activists and scholars – look towards the capacities of “visionary organizing” within social media spaces. They ask: what does it take to sustain and build a nurturance culture in the online space? A culture that “is violence turned backwards” [1] and a culture that moves outside of systems of violence and towards cycles of profound care. What are the future visions of digital freedoms that challenge norms of organizing and archives that lead to an evolving map towards sustained legacies of queer, trans, Black, Indigenous and other marginalized publics?

From stock images to algorithmic oppression, Goldsky and Goico are eager to imagine a digital future where there is more space for multiplicity and honest exchange. Goico and Goldsky will share mini-lectures, texts, and interactive activities for everyone to participate in and imagine what it takes for the possibilities of touch, tenderness, and timelessness to exist online.

Accessibility: ASL interpretation, descriptive language, and automated captions in English will be provided throughout the event. The event will be recorded, and an English transcript will be made available with the recording after the event.

[1] Nora Samaran “Nurturance Culture”

About the Artists

Angelic Goldsky [t(he)y] is a queer trans-gender Russian-Jewish poet and media visionary. As an advocate for justice in media, specifically towards imaginations of queerness, Angelic(a) has facilitated workshops across North America.

Read Angelic Goldsky’s full bio and presentation description

A queer afro-indigenous descendant, Gina Goico is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and self-proclaimed necia. Through their work, she navigates their identity and the spaces where they exist in the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Read Gina Goico’s full bio and presentation description




陳玉平 Grace Lee Boggs, 美國華裔民權運動領袖和社會活動家 )曾談到在危機時期需要「臨時組織」的必要性。在COVID-19大流行和持續不斷的全球危機的形勢下,許多社會組織工作幾乎全是發生在線上。 Angelic Goldsky Gina Goico 這兩位媒體藝術家、行動主義者和學者對社交媒體空間中的「夢想家集聚」潛能寄予很大的期待。他們探討的問題是:在網絡空間中,怎樣才能維持和建立一種「滋養性的文化」,一種「讓暴力逆向運行」的文化[1],它在暴力系統之外運行、並通往深切的交互關懷。數字自由的未來願景是什麼?它對組織的常態提出了什麼挑戰?對檔案工作的常態提出了什麼挑戰,應對這些挑戰,就使得它們能通往一種不斷演進的地形圖,最終達致同性戀、跨性別、黑人、原住民和其他邊緣化群體的可持續的歷史傳承?

Goldsky Goico 將討論很多問題:從商業圖庫的圖像到算法主宰下的壓迫,他們熱忱憧憬著數字化的未來能有更多的空間容納多樣性和誠實的交流。二人將通過微型講座、文字、互動環節等等,讓每個人都可以參與其中,一起想像如何才能在線上保持人與人之間的觸碰、溫柔相待、以及沒有時間限制的永久關係。

無障礙服務:活動全程提供美國手語(ASL) 翻譯 、智能英語字幕及口述服務。本次活動將被全程記錄。對話的英語文字記錄稿將在活動結束後提供。

[1] Nora Samaran “Nurturance Culture”


Angelic Goldsky 是一位跨性別的酷兒,俄羅斯-猶太詩人兼媒體夢想家。作為媒體公平正義的倡導者,TA特別重視媒體對「酷兒」群體的想像,曾在全北美各地舉辦講座。

查看Angelic Goldsky的自介

Gina Goico 是非裔原住民的後裔、 一位酷兒,也是一位跨學科領域的藝術家、教育工作者和自我標榜的「necia」。在他們的作品中,Goico 遊走於多米尼加共和國與美國之間的雙重身份、雙重空間中,創造了大量多元化的作品,從織繡到裝置,從墨水畫 (Ink drawing) 到行為藝術。

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Visionary Organizing on Social Media

Thursday, May 20th @ 7:00 to 8:30pm PDT, Free


May 20, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT




Cinevolution Media Arts Society
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